Don't leave your clients in the dark.

Show them what you're working on with a timeline customized for their project.
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A big-picture view

Your clients don't need to see the nitty-gritty of their projects, but they do need to see deliverables.

Security in Mind

Protect your timeline with a password, so you can be confident in who's viewing sensitive information.

Available Anywhere

Let your clients keep track of their projects from wherever they are, whether it's the office or the couch.



Great for freelancers

  • 3 active timelines*
  • Password protection
$ 14 per month


Great for small teams

  • 10 active timelines*
  • Password protection
$ 29 per month


Customized to fit your needs

  • All Features
  • Priority support

*Active timelines are timelines that are accessible by your clients (via a public URL).

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